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The Last Shark

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Mamma mia! Some Italian filmmakers decided to rip off Jaws! The Last Shark doesn’t have the acting talent or music score budget of the original, but it does have a substantially higher percentage of actors with mustaches!

The town’s annual windsurfing regatta is threatened by the presence of a killer shark, and rather than do the sensible thing, cancel it and refund both the tickets they’ve sold, the town presses onward. The result: extremely hilarious shark attack special effects! Tell Mrs. Kintner to stop mourning and get her slappin' hand ready, it’s The Last Shark!

Additional contributors:
Conor Lastowka - Senior Writer
Sean Thomason - Senior Writer

Contributing Writers: Mike Schuster, Jason Miller, and Molly Hodgdon

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Poster art by <a rel="_blank" href="">Jason Martian</a>
Poster art by Jason Martian

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Movie Decade

Movie Decade

Release date

June 17, 2016


88 minutes
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