Gift a Riff!

Wish you could send your favorite riff to a friend? Want to share the joy/pain that is Rollergator? Well, now you can, with Gift A Riff!

Just enter the title of the riff you want to gift, and include your recipient's email address and an optional short message. The price of the gift item will reflect the current selling price of the riff.

After you've completed the checkout process, we'll generate a gift code and email it to your recipient on the scheduled delivery date. All they need to do is log into their account, redeem the code, and the riff is theirs!

If you'd rather let them choose which riff they'd like to enjoy, send them a digital gift card instead.

Search for a title of the product you wish to gift. Any currently available product from our catalog (Just the Jokes, Digital Video, Digital HD Video, or Song) can be gifted.
Enter an email address to send this code to. They will be asked to create an account if they do not have one already.
Delivery Date
Select the date to send your gift code - up to 1 year from today. Note there may be up to a 15 minute delay in processing.
E.g., Apr 23 2024
E.g., 10:45am