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RiffTrax: The Game

RiffTrax: The Game - available now!

RiffTrax has partnered with Wide Right Interactive (makers of What The Dub?!) to bring you... RiffTrax: The Game! A brand new, multiplayer party game that lets you do the riffing!

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  • Featuring over 250 movie clips from the RiffTrax library including fan favorites such as Rollergator, Attack of the Supermonsters, Plan 9 From Outer Space, and more!
  • Featuring two exciting ways to play! Write your own riff and watch your comedy genius come to life via text-to-speech. Or leave it to the pros and choose from over 2,000 expertly crafted riffs from the RiffTrax team.
  • Play head-to-head with up to 6 players using any internet connected device as controller. An additional 12 audience members can also play along.
  • Support for remote games, cross play, and voice chat.
  • Twitch integrations that can get your whole chat in the action with Twitch Chat voting, additional moderation, privacy, and content tools.
  • Launch price of $9.99 across platforms!
  • Have a question about the game? Check out this handy FAQ