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Announcing the new RiffTrax App!

It's magic! Think of it like Shazam, but for riffs!

Your RiffTrax "Just the Jokes" commentaries will now be synced automatically! Available for Android and iOS.

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RiffTrax has a new free app which will AUTOMATICALLY sync your "Just the Jokes" commentaries with movies like Twilight, Harry Potter and Star Wars! Just hit play on your phone or tablet and the app listens for the movie and automatically syncs everything, and keeps it synced. It will work with Netflix, iTunes, Amazon Video, DVDs, Blu-rays, your TV, computer, and other streams.

Every compatible RiffTrax you buy on the website is available on the app and vice-versa. If you've have a bunch you've bought over the years, you can use the App to sync them!

We’ve been waiting for this type of technology for nearly a decade and it’s finally here. Oh, and did we mention the app is completely FREE?? Check it out and start watching riffs the easy way!

See it in action!

Mike, Kevin, Bill, DisembAudio (ret) and the RiffTrax Crew

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What users are saying:

"Rifftrax app takes the guesswork out of syncing jokes to film. It's easier than ever to sync MST3K-like commentary. The app uses your device's microphone to listen for a movie and automatically syncs Rifftrax playback to the film. It's simple and easy..." - Engadget

"The RiffTrax app syncs everything up perfectly.” - CNET

"The app can recognize movies from Netflix, iTunes, Amazon Video, DVDs, Blu-rays, your TV, computer, and other streams." - High-Def Digest

See the RiffTrax App in Action!

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Known Issues

  • Facebook login is not yet supported
  • Sound via Bluetooth lags; if using external speakers, use the offset slider to adjust timing.

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What can I watch?

Right now, we have about 95% of our core RiffTrax titles (featuring Mike, Kevin and Bill) compatible with the app. No RiffTrax Presents titles are yet available through it, but we hope to have them ready soon! Each compatible riff will have app store badges/buttons on the product page (like the ones seen above).

The app will sync with the DVD, Blu-ray or even streaming video versions of the movie (such as what is available on Amazon Video and iTunes).

Can I use a Bluetooth speaker?

Bluetooth support varies by device, but is not fully working. Feel free to test it out, but keep in mind you may need to restart your device if the sound quality begins to degrade. And please use the "Contact Us" feature in the app and tap Report an Issue if you have any trouble!

Will the app connect to my Library?

Yes! The iOS and Android versions connect to your Library. Tons of titles are available! Unfortunately, Facebook login is not yet supported but will be added in a future version.

Does it play VODs?

No, this app is to sync "Just the Jokes" audio commentaries only!

How long does syncing take?

On average, syncing takes about 30 seconds or less once dialogue is heard. For best results, try to sync with a part of the film that has dialogue and sound effects. Long musical sections tend to be difficult for the app to sync with.

Does it matter whether I buy a title in the App or on the RiffTrax website?

Nope. Buy in either place and it automatically shows up in your library in the other. Wizardry!

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