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The First Christmas Tree

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Nowadays, it’s very common to set up a Christmas Tree inside your home, but did you ever stop to wonder: who was the first person to do it and how drunk they were?

Of course, nobody could possibly know the true origin of this tradition, so the folks at Coronet just made up some garbage about a medieval toymaker. We’re not talking cool toys with Blast Processing and Kung Fu Grips, we’re talking wooden crap with yarn made of goat fur nailed to it.

Christmas Trees provide light, comfort, and joy, so of course their tale is full of bleakness, poverty, and the fear of being devoured by wolves. Look, at least it doesn’t have a talking pillow!

Join Mike, Kevin, and Bill for the tale of the guy who was decorating Christmas Trees before it was cool, The First Christmas Tree.

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December 21, 2022


14 minutes
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