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RiffTrax Live: Octaman


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Deep in the Mexican jungle, a legendary creature lurks in a radioactive swamp. Is it a man? Is it an octopus? No, it’s OCTAMAN! Okay, it’s a man in an octopus suit, but he’s really angry and decides to go on a light killing spree.

A scientific expedition sets out to study this atomic mutant and stop it before it kills again. They’re not very good at it, since Octaman kills quite a lot — probably because THE DUMB SCIENTISTS KEEP STEALING ITS BABIES! It seems there’s no stopping the monster until it develops a crush on the plucky lady scientist Susan Lowry (Pier Angeli) and does what all mutant sea creatures like to do - it knocks her out and carries her away. Will the rest of the team be able to rescue Susan before Octaman picks them all off one by one? Looks pretty doubtful! That’s the thrill of Octaman!

Directed by the writer of Creature From the Black Lagoon, and featuring costumes and effects by a young Rick Baker, Octaman is a wonderfully awful rubber monster B-movie.

This live show also features a delightful short, McGruff’s Drug Alert, which is sure to spark debates about whose costume was crappier, McGruff or Octaman. Join Mike, Kevin, and Bill for RiffTrax Live: Octaman!

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May 31, 2019


97 minutes
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