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Driving safety films tend to carry the same basic message: DON’T DRIVE, DON’T YOU DARE DRIVE, WHY WOULD YOU EVER THINK OF DOING SOMETHING AS EVIL AND TERRIFYING AS DRIVING??? But few have the car stunt budget and darkness of Leadfoot!

Meet Tom. You’ll know his name is Tom because he wears a t-shirt that says “Tom.” Tom is a blonde 1980s teen living in the 1980s world of 1980s Los Angeles. Tom recently got himself a car for $400, so you know it’s safe! Adults and a concerned policeman talk to Tom about driving safety, so naturally he heeds all their warnings and nothing bad or tragic happens at all…

*SCREEEEEEEEEEEEECH SLAM BLOOD LIFELONG REGRETS* Yep, Tom’s a Leadfoot all right, and wait ‘til you see who pays the price for his mad desire to operate an automobile! To find out, just grab an open container and go joyriding with Mike, Kevin, Bill, and Leadfoot!

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May 24, 2022


14 minutes