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Raven's Riffs - Twilight

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Raven's Riffs - Twilight

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There are many riffs of Twilight but this one is mine.  And Twilight ain't your parents vampire movie.  In fact, some may argue that it's not a vampire movie at all.  It could be viewed as "The most epic Romance since Titanic"-according to or it could be viewed as an instructional video for those want to make the ability to win a staring contest into a career.  Then again, it could be both. 

And this time Raven's Riffs has a female touch as Chris is joined by his fiance Amanda and their friend Kate.  So get ready to be teleported back to high school, although I don't remember it being like this.  But then again, I was asleep a lot of the time. 

For a chance to win free riffs from me in the future, post a comment (good or bad) on this product page.  When I release my next riff, I'll select one name from those who leave feedback and send them the new release free of charge.  (I'm not promising any release dates, or titles but I do promise to keep making riffs.)  Thanks for checking it out.

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