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MST3K: Hercules

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Do you want more Italio-Action schlock? Well boy howdy are you in the absolutely wrong place.

Hercules, also known as “Roman Heracles” to jerks, is the storied tale of overthrowing a king through minimal violence. Expecting a Hydra, Titan, or some other such daring do? Well we’re fresh out! But we sure do have a lot of sailing so lengthy and arduous, you’ll be begging for some witch to appear and demand a sampo.

If you’re confused at all about the plot, just take a moment to feel bad for not paying attention in 7th Grade English Class -- not that anyone needs a reason to feel bad about middle school any way.

Join Joel, Servo, and Crow as they get their twelves laboured for Hercules!

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Average: 9 (12 votes)

Release Date

February 13, 2017


90 minutes


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Episode: 502