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MST3K: Danger!! Death Ray

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Danger!! Death Ray is just the sort of film you could swear was factory fitted for MST3K -- bad dubbing, a K.B. Toys effects budget, Superfluous! Exclamation! Points!, and a darn groovy soundtrack if I do say so.

A vaguely scientific man in a lab coat has constructed a death ray which he insists is only meant for peaceful purposes. Unfortunately for him, there’s nothing violent kidnappers hate more than peaceful purposes.

Never fear! Secret agent Bart Fargo - No, not of the North Dakota Fargo's - is on the case. He’ll casanova his way through a cavalcade of feats so daring, you’ll forget you even sat through seventy minutes of them. Not as edgy as sticking Steve Buscemi in a wood chipper, but we can’t all be the Coen Brothers now can we?

Join Mike, Servo, and Crow as they get their purposes peacefully for Danger!! Death Ray!

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Average: 9.4 (29 votes)

Release Date

February 6, 2017


90 minutes

In collection

Episode: 620