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MST3K: Alien from L.A.

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Alien From L.A. is just the sort of bastard child of The Goonies and Mad Max you’d expect from the makers of every single Death Wish movie.

Itinerant supermodel Kathy Ireland plays Wanda, an insufferably naive teenage girl with a voice so shrill you’ll immediately understand why her mother jumped in front of a moving car. Wanda is sick of people abandoning her -- from her totally cool boyfriend to her father, who recently decided to jump into a bottomless pit.

It turns out her father held the secret of the long lost sunken city of Atlantis, which is not actually lost, sunken, nor a city, but a floating island in the sky! James Cameron would be so disappointed. Needless to say, she literally stumbles into Atlantis and shacks up with the first unconvincing Australian she meets in hopes of finding her father. Does she have any reason to believe her father is here? Should she trust a stranger who wantonly beats people with cast iron pans? Why do all the villains have ropey eyebrows?

The answer to these questions, and other disappointments await Mike, Servo and Crow as they abduct the Alien From L.A.!

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Average: 9.4 (23 votes)

Release Date

January 16, 2017


90 minutes

In collection

Episode: 516