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Star Trek Voyager: Caretaker

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Star Trek Voyager: Caretaker

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Like so much Trek, Voyager's high concept is brilliant, but its execution is, shall we say, somewhat flawed. Ostensibly about a solitary Federation ship in uncharted territory having to mix with a renegade Maquis crew, searching for a way home and having to adapt and take drastic measures along the way, the show quickly becomes a reset button-laden TOS wannabe. With the pilot, we get a blobby alien who brings ships into the Delta quadrant so it can pretend to be an old woman offering corn and/or an old grumpy man who plays the banjo. It also likes to become a flirtatious young woman. Less said about that, the better.

The pilot also introduces us to a race of Thunderdome rejects who haven't figured out water but have spaceships. They like to talk about how useless other races are. We also meet the disturbingly nude Neelix. Janeway decides to strand them all 75 years from home with little to no thought and for vague, seemingly unnecessary reasons. It's a fun ride for all.

Ice on Mars is formed of Michael T Bradley and various guest riffers.   Joining Michael for this first outing is Jason Freston, his cohort on the podcast Acts of Treason, still available at Jason is a slightly bigger geek than Michael, which applies even more so when it comes to Star Trek. (Michael is pretty sure Jason can tell you every Trek captain's Kobayashi Maru story).

Now that the entire first season of Voyager has been riffed, please enjoy every available product. They are:



101-102: Caretaker - Riffed by Ice on Mars

103: Parallax - Riffed by Ice on Mars

104: Time and Again - Riffed by Ice on Mars

105: Phage - Riffed by Cinester Theater

106: The Cloud - Riffed by Aaron J. Bossig and Michael T. Bradley

107: Eye of the Needle - Riffed by QuipTracks

108: Ex Post Facto - Riffed by Ice on Mars

109: Emanations – Riffed by Ice on Mars

110: Prime Factors – Riffed by DogKnob

111: State of Flux – Riffed by TreacheRiffs

112: Heroes and Demons – Riffed by RiffRaff Theater

113: Cathexis – Riffed by J.C. Walsh

114: Faces – Riffed by Ice on Mars

115: Jetrel.- Riffed by Just.Andrew

116: Learning Curve.- Riffed by Ice on Mars

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