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Raven's Riffs - Timeline

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Raven's Riffs - Timeline

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Do you find yourself losing sleep at night waiting for the next Hollywood smash with time travel as it’s only major plot device?  Is it impossible for you to get enough of Paul Walker?  Do you like arrows?  Then Timeline is the movie for you. 

Join Christopher Wyer and Andrew Swaw as they  travel  to  1357 France with  a  small group of archiologists trying to save one of their own.  They mess up the past, then try  to fix it, then decide not to fix it entirely but still fix it a little.  It all sorta makes sense in the end.  At least some of them die in Michael Crighton’s standard pick em off one at a time fashion. 

*We've tried to follow the Rifftrax Guidlines and mark this as explicit content but in reality we only drop 2 f-bombs.  And considering the movie, you'll want to too.

** Riff volume has been equalized and cleaned up a little.  Please redownload for better viewing.

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