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Creating Rem Lezar

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Zack and Ashlee are outcasts at school. We’re not sure why, perhaps because their singing voices sound like waterfowl being fed into a paper shredder.

They bond because they are both seeing visions of a superhero with a purple mullet named Rem Lezar. Rather than do the sensible thing and inspect the town’s water supply for lead, they decide to drag some old mannequin parts into a shed and bring Rem to life. What follows is one of the craziest things ever committed directly to VHS tape, and based on what we’ve endured together over the years, those words should carry some serious gravitas.

Rem Lezar is determined to teach the kids the true meaning of friendship. This is quite ironic, because not only would you switch seats on the city bus if Rem sat down next to you, you might swear off vehicular transport in general. Standing in his way is the evil Vorock, who might be the first supervillain whose origin story involves MS Paint. He is played by the movie’s writer and director, and the caliber of his performance, frankly, explains a lot.

Their musical journey will take them to the Big Apple, where Rem will answer such questions as “You know you can dub in a better singer in post, right?” and “How long can a man in blue tights sit in a Central Park pond until the cops are called?” and “Acapella… Why did it have to be acapella?” You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll Rem until you Lezar: Join Mike, Kevin, and Bill for Creating Rem Lezar!

Written by Bill Corbett, Sean Thomason, Jason Miller, and Zachary Shatzer

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Poster art by Jen Albright
Poster art by Jen Albright

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March 22, 2024


49 minutes
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