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Julie and Jack

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Did you like Birdemic, but find yourself wishing it had focused less on the birds and more on stock options, dinner dates, and fifty percent discounts? Did you wish that Rod’s friend who says “A day without sex is a day wasted” had been explored more as a character? Did you find Rod too charismatic and dynamic as a lead? Well spruce my bark beetles, this may just well be the Hot Ferrari you’ve been looking for!

Before he made Birdemic, James Nguyen made Julie and Jack. All the familiar Nguyen trademarks are there: poor Tippi Hedren. Blown out white balance. Characters announcing they are going to purchase Ferraris after their company is bought out and their stock options are fully vested for a childishly round number (seriously, that specific scenario happens in both his movies!) But while Birdemic explored the issue of global warming with the nuance of Grover explaining the terms ‘Near’ and ‘Far’ to a three year old, Julie and Jack attempts to delve into the deepest philosophical question of them all: what does it mean to truly love someone?

Needless to say, this goes very poorly. Nguyen shoots in a wide variety of exotic offices that he definitely used to work at, or at least deliver things too. The cast features some familiar faces from Birdemic, as well as actors that were evidently too crappy to cast in Birdemic. And just when you think it can’t get any better, the director makes a cameo himself. Sample line of his dialogue (keep in mind, he wrote it himself): "Jeez, you know, I mean, yeah, I'm so busy working on the computer theory, the algorithm, and uh, and the computing uh, math theory that I'm, that I totally ignore and forgotten about the computing history."

Julie and Jack is a must see for any fan of Birdemic, or for anyone who enjoys seeing the obsessions of a madman manifest themselves in movie-like form. Grab your favorite blurred candy, postpone that Victoria’s Secret cover shoot, and invite over your favorite marine mammals such as seals for James Nguyen’s first movie, Julie and Jack!

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Poster art by Jason Martian

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July 17, 2015


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