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The RiffTrax Yule Log

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Holiday fireplace videos. We all love them, they bring comfort and cheer to our living rooms and family gatherings. But have they ever made you laugh?

We’re proud to present a new kind of fireplace video, one filled with festive comedy and music to be enjoyed by all! And yes, don’t worry, there is still a fireplace -- Kevin Murphy's actual Minnesota fireplace!

The RiffTrax Yule Log burns brightly for over two hours.  Enjoy the fire while along the way lots of fun RiffTraxy moments pop in -- such as bits of new Christmas riffs, original songs written and performed by the guys, classic carols, nose flutes, skits and excerpts from beloved RiffTrax hits of holidays past!

There’s truly nothing like it, and no better way to keep your loved ones happy and smiling as the egg nog kicks in.

Even the Ice Cream Bunny gives it his “HURR HURR HURR” seal of approval! Spend your holidays nice and cozy with Mike, Kevin, Bill, Bridget, and Mary Jo, it’s the RiffTrax Yule Log!

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November 20, 2018


135 minutes
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