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Riff Raff Theater Three-Pack!

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Riff Raff Theater Three-Pack!

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We're trying to make this easy for you. You didn't seem to see us when we waved at you at the food court. Our voice mails never get return calls. Your Facebook status never seems to mention us anymore. Well, we couldn't stand for that. Like John Cusack, we will stand outside your window with our riff blaring over a boombox as we suddenly realize it's not very funny without the film playing along with it.You'll look down upon us, feeling a mix of fear and abject pity as we panic and shout along with the stereo, "Okay, so right here, Keanu has a vacant look on his face, so then Todd says... Hey, come back, he's about to tell the joke!"

Okay, so maybe we're above stalking. But we're not above offering everyone a great deal. So we're offering to you, the consumer, a nice tidy little three-pack of our first three online riffs: Speed, TRON, and Die Hard! Feel accomplished in life as you manage to once again outsmart The Man* and his capitalist framework!

Wanna just grab one of our three riffs: You can purchase them here:

Speed ($2.99)
TRON ($2.99)
Die Hard ($2.99)

*Eugene Levy neither supports or endorses Riff Raff Theater.

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