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Warty, The Toad

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Not just a cruel nickname for the kid in the elementary school cafeteria with an unfortunate skin condition anymore, it’s Warty the Toad! Quite possibly our wartiest short yet, and the first to feature real live pond critters voiced by a real live pond person* (*pond person status of narrator assumed but unverified). Warty is vain because he’s covered in so many warts, which definitely makes sense. The wiser pond critters try to show him the error of the ways, and the hognose snake tries to eat him, probably because he’s bitter that warts are considered flattering while his hognose is worthy of scorn in this confusing, upside-down pond mythos.

Reached for comment, Kermit the Frog has denied all knowledge of Warty the Toad and categorically denies he is the father.

There’s a little to learn and a lot to smell at this pond, join Mike, Kevin and Bill for Warty the Toad!

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November 7, 2014


15 minutes