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Toward Emotional Maturity

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Ground-breaking in its use of "toward" as the first word in its title (can you think of another?), Toward Emotional Maturity also pioneered the techniques of throwing reptiles at people and locking puppies in boxes as a way to demonstrate the deep deficiencies in the human character. Featuring the beautiful but volatile Sally, a girl who loves Hank with all her heart one moment, and the next wants to cut him into thin slabs with her fencing épée and feed him to her dog. Along the path to maturation, Sally must learn to control her emotions, and, in one terrifying scene, put down a violent riot of her fellow students, the likes of which makes a Pistons/Pacers game seem like a Friends' Meeting.

Mike, Bill and Kevin move toward—toward, mind you, not near, or close to, or anywhere within several hundred miles of—but Toward Emotional Maturity.



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Release date

May 11, 2009


11 minutes