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Tic Toc Time Clock

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Another vintage 70s short in the “stuff your parents should really have already taught you at home” series (see The Calendar: How to Use It for further knowledge), Tic Toc Time Clock makes learning about time fun! Well, not so much “fun” as garish, frantic, and creepy. And not so much “learning” as “confusing, overly complex, and pretty much the opposite of learning.” Also their budget apparently didn’t cover K’s for the ends of the words “Tic” and “Toc.” But all that aside, we think you’ll agree that this film was a great use of school budgets, and if it meant Grade F meat for the cafeteria, well, that’s good enough for our kids.

Tic Toc Time Clock tells the tale of a gym coach gone rogue. Instead of rope-climbing or push ups, he makes his students arrange themselves in clock formations on the ground, presumably as part of some ancient ritual meant to make people finally like gym coaches. He fails. As will any kids who learned to tell time from Tic Toc Time Clock!

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December 11, 2012


11 minutes