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The Case of Tommy Tucker (Part 1)

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This extraordinary film dares to do something no other safety short has ever dreamed of: killing its 9-year-old title character and sending him to hell; a hell run by two doughy, charisma-free demons wearing sensible jackets. Yes, Tommy Tucker, our protagonist, is a whiny, friendless little twerp who devotes himself to the petty hectoring of his fellow citizen. His dream of transforming his local institutions into an all powerful nanny state is cut short, however, when one fed-up individual decides to polish his bumper on Tommy's midsection. And so Tommy goes to hell (which would have been a fine and fitting end to the matter, but alas, it's not to be), and instead of reacting with horror and regret at his eternal separation from God, Tommy sizes the place up and finds it not half bad, but all things considered, he'd rather be home bothering folks. Kevin, Bill and Mike try their best to find a reason, just one reason, that Tommy shouldn't, in fact, spend a nice long eternity in hell.

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September 14, 2009


12 minutes