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Super Fun Time Fun Box

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Somewhere deep beneath a mountain, protected by a dragon, a super team of the least effective heroes imaginable stands assembled! Heroes of squishy clay. Teenage dance heroes. A mime. And some martial arts heroes who deserve a better movie to be heroes in. But what this super team may lack in… uh, super-ness… they make up for in FUN!

And they’ve got backup: a team of super shorts including a giant chicken, buffet supper arrangers, some kids who heroically bounce balls in gym, and Goldilocks! Adventure and laughter await inside this most heroic of boxes!

This box set includes:

The Gumby Movie
Honor and Glory
Dancin’ It’s On!

And the shorts collection Super Fun Time Fun Shorts - all in a super-collectible lunchbox featuring some of RiffTrax's most iconic characters!


The Shorts collection includes the following shorts, released for the first time on DVD:

Keep Off The Grass

Rhythmic Ball Skills


Big Yellow Fellow

Arranging the Buffet supper (Bridget and MJ)

Holiday From Rules


Chickenomics (Conor & Sean)

Last Clear Chance

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The DVD set includes exclusive bonus stickers of two superhero faves!
The DVD set includes exclusive bonus stickers of two superhero faves!

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Release date

September 20, 2023