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Steamboat Willie

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With the landmark cartoon Steamboat Willie, Walt Disney showed his genius by setting up two core elements of the Mickey Mouse character that have lasted to this day: he’s always on a steamboat, and his name is Willie. Such vision!

With its recent entry into the public domain, Steamboat Willie also enters the RiffTrax catalog, and, uh, our hearts? It was one of the first animated films with synchronized sound, so we’ve synchronized some of our own sounds to it. Thrill as Mickey bobs up and down! Gasp as his vaguely cat-like antagonist spits tobacco! Wonder “how much longer could they possibly play Turkey in the Straw?” as they continue to play Turkey in the Straw!   

It’s got Mickey, it’s got Minnie, it’s got a range of barnyard animals Mickey torments for his own perverse musical purposes. It’s the steamer that launched an empire, hop aboard with Mike, Kevin, and Bill for Steamboat Willie!  

Written by Mike Nelson, Bill Corbett, Conor Lastowka, and Sean Thomason

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Animal harm

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January 17, 2024


8 minutes
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