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School Vandalism

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Ever wanted to vandalize your school, but you weren't sure how? Hey, we’ve all been there! This helpful instructional short film will get you started with everything you need to know, from egg selection to crafting the perfect insulting nickname to Sharpie on the principal’s door – wait, what’s that? The film School Vandalism is actually against school vandalism? Well, that’s a little confusing!

School Vandalism is from the 70s, when kids were wearing bell bottoms, feathering their hair, and just vandalizing the ever-loving heck out of their schools. The film follows four boys who decide to bust into school after hours on a whim. They don’t like the lunch lady, and that’s enough motivation for them! The vandalism they commit is… well, it’s pretty weak, really. They sort of mess up the cafeteria kitchen, and leave a stove on. But that’s enough to bring out the town’s entire police force and fire department to give these lads the public scolding of a lifetime! Death row penalties are strongly implied.

Grab a handful of cherry bombs and join Mike, Kevin and Bill for School Vandalism

Written by Conor Lastowka, Sean Thomason, and Zach Shatzer

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August 19, 2023


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