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Say No to Strangers

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A short in the classic 1950s tradition of “let’s talk about a thing that’s terrible without REALLY talking about a thing that’s terrible,” Say No To Strangers presents a world that’s mostly sunshine, friendly policemen, and hopscotch...but also the occasional driver who pulls over to offer a some-strings-attached lollipop while patting the empty passenger seat. We learned something new about the 50s from Say No To Strangers - apparently it was a time when puppies were being handed out willy-nilly by strangers, MOST OF WHOM were totally benevolent. You’d be walking down the street, thinking about Howdy Doody or The Bomb, when out of the blue a kindly old man on a bench would insist on giving you a puppy. Again, most of the time, these puppy offerers were acquiring puppies, one by one, and handing them out purely from the goodness of their heart. It really was a better, simpler time, and this rampant puppy availability makes you wonder why Cruella de Vil had to be such a jerk about getting hers.

Mike, Bill, and Kevin encourage you to Say No To Strangers, and also to Evites, friends holding petitions, and pretty much anybody you’ve ever known, met, or loved. Just stay home by yourself.

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January 29, 2013


11 minutes
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