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RoboCop: The TV Show

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For most big budget Hollywood franchises, following up a successful trilogy with a syndicated Canadian TV show would be an embarrassing step in the wrong direction. RoboCop: The TV Show is no exception.

When that guy in the movie said “I’d buy that for a dollar!” he was talking about the show’s effects budget.

RoboCop’s wife and son think he's dead, and he doesn’t want to tell them that he’s not, because have you seen how many games youth soccer teams play these days?? He can’t be driving all over town to drop the kid off every day! Not with all that RoboCopping he has to do!

Meanwhile, a mad scientist is attempting to take over Motor City by using a Siri-esque virtual assistant to control the town’s elevators. His mission? To make it very clear to audiences why we never got a fourth movie. Helping him out is “Pud Face Morgan,” who must have slept through his alarm on the day they assigned gangster nicknames. RoboCop has to stop the evildoers before the Shareware Expo, which the bad guys intend to ruin, possibly by deploying a gigantic Keygen. It might be Detroit’s lowest moment since Barry Sanders retired, and that's really saying something.

Shrink both your screen size and your expectations, and join Mike, Kevin, and Bill for RoboCop: The TV Show!


NOTE: This is a riffed version of the first episode of the TV series from 1994.

This is the pilot episode of the TV series from 1994. Contains some flashing lights, violence, and smoking. And also a robot cop of some sort.

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Poster art by Jen Albright
Poster art by Jen Albright

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September 29, 2023


77 minutes
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