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Remember Me

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Meet The Customer, three time finalist for the title of Most Disrespected Man in America. No matter where he goes: the bank, the supermarket, even his job, somebody is waiting to ignore him, inconvenience him, or throw confetti in his face while laughing uproariously.*

How does The Customer respond to this disrespect? By showing the merest hint of backbone and asserting himself ever so slightly? Or by absorbing life’s blows with dead eyes and muttering to himself that one day, he’ll show them... He’ll show them all!!! (He honestly does B. Seriously, it’s pretty creepy.)

Mike, Kevin and Bill team up to riff the consumer education short, Remember Me, which is approximately 60,000,000% less tasteless than the Robert Pattinson movie, Remember Me.

*Usually this only happens when he goes to Rip Taylor’s house

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February 8, 2011


10 minutes