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Meet the Nightwishers! They’re four students of varying attractiveness studying the exciting field of [mumbles indistinctly]. They’re led by a professor who occasionally requires that they get semi-nude in order to run experiments whose ethics make Stanford Prison seem like a mere Milgram.

One weekend they pack into a van driven by a guy who looks like Matt Damon got really into creatine instead of crypto, and plan to spend the night at a rundown former mental institution. For the first time in movie history, this goes poorly. There are bloodthirsty caretakers, alien pod people, and an ectoplasm anaconda that will make you glad the Red Hot Chili Peppers never released a song called Ectoplasm Anaconda.

Things start off unhinged as one character eats plain, dry corn flakes straight out of the box, and it just gets crazier from there. Make like Sir Lancelot found a genie lamp and join Mike, Kevin, and Bill for Nightwish!

Written by: Mike Nelson, Conor Lastowka, and Sean Thomason

Contributing writers: Jason Miller and Zach Shatzer.

Rated TV-MA for nudity, intense gore, violence, a realistic fake dead rabbit, and James Cameron look-alikes.

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Poster art by Mattie Lubchansky
Poster art by Mattie Lubchansky

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Average: 8.8 (64 votes)

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Animal harm
Graphic violence

Movie Decade

Release date

February 3, 2023


74 minutes
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