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Mr. B Natural

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Hey kids! What’s the best way for a middle schooler to impress chicks, make friends, and just dominate the social scene in general? OK, I’m hearing ‘Be really funny,’ not the answer I was looking for. ‘Kick butt at sports,’ not that either. I’ll give you a hint: “Ban…?”.  No, it’s not ‘Banter in the halls wittily!’ It’s band! Marching band! Join the marching band to win the acceptance of your peers who are also wallowing away in the grim social purgatory of marching band!

Anyways, this is the plan that our hero Buzz comes up with. To his credit, he mainly came up with it after “Mr.” B Natural appeared in his bedroom and started jumping around on the bed and mimicking playing various instruments. Buzz did the right thing: just do what the crazy lady MAN! What the crazy MAN says in that situation and try to phone the authorities when she HE! When HE stops for gas on the inevitable cross country killing spree he’s trying to rope you into.

This classic music educational film, first seen on MST3K and riffed in its entirety for the first time ever as part of our Kickstarter rewards, is a chance to see an all new take on the beloved Mr. B!

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December 19, 2013


26 minutes