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Let's Be Good Citizens at Play

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We have to wonder how the filmmakers came up with the title for our new short, Let’s Be Good Citizens At Play.

Mad Libs? Some primitive 1950s version of A.I.? Perhaps they threw darts at a board covered in wholesome, bland words? We may never know, but rest assured after you watch the short you’ll say “Oh, I guess the title tracks… sort of? Hmm.”

The “citizens” in question? 50s kids in striped shirts, slicked-back hairstyles, and frilly little dresses made from tablecloths. The “play”? All kinds of good clean moral fun, from roller skating to ping pong to baseball in the style of The Sandlot. And the “good”? Well, we’re still trying to find that part.

Things really come to a head when this little gang of background characters from a Peanuts cartoon put on a play to raise money for the baseball team. The play’s theme is cowboys and Indians, of course, because it’s the 50s and nothing says “good citizenship” like violent struggle between settlers and indigenous peoples!

Let’s riff shorts at play for good time happiness things, shall we? Grab a bowl of world salad and join Mike, Kevin and Bill for Let’s Be Good Citizens At Play! 

Written by Conor Lastowka, Jason Miller, and Zach Shatzer


Rated TV-PG for some old-fashioned cultural insensitivity.

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August 8, 2023


10 minutes