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How to Keep a Job

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Nobody’s more qualified to tell people How to Keep a Job than Coronet Films, the company that managed to sleepwalk its way through making 99% of all educational shorts ever produced. How to EXCEL at a job? Not their thing. How to IMPROVE at your job? No dice. But How to Keep a Job through the kind of consistent mediocrity that doesn’t get noticed as either good or bad? Now you’re talkin’ Coronet’s language!

Ignoring the timeless job-keeping strategies of blackmail and extortion, this film uses a Goofus and Gallant setup (classic Coronet originality!) to show that the best approach is to just work slightly harder than the laziest person in the office. Our hero learns that by following this simple advice, he too can someday aspire to a job in middle management, hiring people like himself for jobs they barely care enough to do. The system works!

No job? No credit? No problem! You can still join Mike, Kevin, and Bill for the long term career stability of How to Keep a Job!

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April 22, 2014


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