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Halloween Party

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Ain’t no party like a Halloween Party, because Halloween Party is a LIVE short, performed and recorded on stage at the Belcourt Theatre in Nashville! Now it’s ready to watch, whether you missed that show or want to relive the magic in the comfort of your home, where you host your own Halloween parties.

And if your Halloween parties are anything like the one in Halloween Party, for some reason there’s a boy in a “lady scarecrow” costume. What’s a “lady scarecrow” costume, you ask? it looks just like a regular scarecrow costume, but you know it’s really a “lady scarecrow” costume because everyone goes out of their way to call it that. And, naturally, you make your son wear it to school. Also, there’s a very angry dog who seems better suited for protecting rusted-out fridges in a junkyard than, y’know, being allowed anywhere near children.

All this plus pumpkins, “Indian corn,” and all the other 1960s Halloween staples that make your 1960s Halloween party the Halloween-iest ever! Don’t miss this LIVE recording of Mike, Kevin, and Bill’s Halloween Party!

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October 27, 2015


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