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Fad Diet Circus

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In preparation for working on Fad Diet Circus, we here at RiffTrax decided to try out a few of the more popular fad diets.  We started with the “Macho Man Randy Savage Diet”, which allows only foods that you can “Snap into!”  Then there was the “Soup-Made-From-the-Cheez-It-Crumbs-At-The-Bottom-Of-The-Box Diet” (use your own tears for broth).  And of course the “Villain from the Muppet Movie Diet”, which consists entirely of Kermit the Frog’s legs (this one is known to true dietary insiders as the “Doc Hopper”).  Finally we came to the “Penelope Cruz Diet”, permitting only food items you find while going through Penelope Cruz’s garbage.  Thanks to this rigorous regimen, RiffTrax HQ has been temporarily relocated to the hospital, with one of us working remotely from prison (FORGIVE ME PENELOPE!!!!)

You might expect a film called Fad Diet Circus to cover several different diets, or at least something, you know, “circus-y”.  You silly fool!  The filmmakers instead focus on the low-carb Atkins Diet.  And by “focus on” we mean “aggressively attack”: one gets the feeling this hit piece was commissioned by Betty Crocker and the “time to make the donuts” guy.  They even wrote an anti-Atkins torch song (really, we’re not kidding) and dressed the kindly old doctor up in a heinous plaid coat (there’s no way that coat was a voluntary choice) just to discredit him.

Mike, Kevin, and Bill are willing to try any diet plan as long as the words “pork fat smoothie” are involved.

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