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Choking: To Save a Life

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Choking: To Save a Life is merely one chapter in the wildly popular Choking series. It came hot on the heels of the legendary Choking: To Get Out of A ‘Couples’ Baby Shower and the controversial Choking: Your Tax Guy To Get Him To Approve Your Super Bowl Tickets As A Write Off.

We’ve all been there: enjoying a nice TV dinner of Swanson’s “Slightly Bigger Than Bite Size” salisbury steak (seems irresponsible on their part frankly), when all of a sudden BOOM! The person across from the table starts choking. “This could never happen to me” you say. Oh really? “Yes really,” you say. “Obviously if I am eating a Swanson TV dinner, I am doing so alone, possibly having not even bothered to do the crucial ‘stir’ maneuver halfway through the suggested microwaving time.”

Damn, she’s right! (“Obviously I am also a man” you say.) Well, the point is, someone you know is probably going to choke at some point in time, and you should know what to do in order to save their life. So watch this short, then do the exact opposite, and you should be fine. This applies to all haircuts, fashion and home decor seen in this short as well.


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December 7, 2012


12 minutes