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Batman: The Fatal Blast (Episode 7)

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In The Fatal Blast Batman’s world is nearly upended when ace reporter Vicki Vale finally begins to suspect his secret identity. “Are you Bruce Wayne?” she asks him. A hero of lesser resolve would have cracked, but Batman has decades of training that has hardened his constitution, honed his skills, and increased the limits of his willpower beyond that of typical human comprehension. “No,” he replies to Vicki.

Having masterfully deflected that interrogation, Batman and Robin are free to pursue their archfiend The Wizard or perhaps determine where he keeps his secret magnetism machine. Technically, these goals are one and the same, as The Wizard never actually leaves the room with his secret machine in it, preferring instead to send his henchmen Earl, Neil, Gabe, Milo, Otis, and Slippy The Toad to do his dirty work for him. It’s something about capturing a train, or calling into Barry Brown’s radio show to win free tickets to Guy Lombardo, we think they may get around to addressing his actual goal in Episode 12.

Batman and Robin audibly groan and pull several muscles as they inch ever closer to discovering The Wizard’s secret identity and perhaps getting themselves an actual closet to store their costumes as opposed to shoving them into a file cabinet in Episode 7 of the serial: The Deadly Blast!

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January 10, 2014


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