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Adventures of Captain Marvel: Lens of Death (Chapter 6)

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This sixth installment of the classic serial centers on the very thing everyone wants from a superhero story: lenses!

Specifically the Lens of Death, like when a soft contact rolls back behind your eye and you can’t get it and it’s driving you crazy and you just want to die. Or, perhaps more accurately, a lens-based scorpion contraption stolen from an ancient tomb way back in the first episode that can be used to melt mountains, trapping Captain Marvel in a gooey lava inferno. Both lenses are equally terrifying!

But the real star of this episode isn’t the lens, or even Captain Marvel: it’s a butler. An anonymous, library defending butler who takes on all comers and kicks an extraordinary amount of gangster butt. We’re not kidding, the episode absolutely should’ve been called Butler of Death.

Join Mike, Kevin, Bill, Captain Marvel, and the world’s most savage butler for Adventures of Captain Marvel Chapter 6: Lens of Death!

Written by: Bill Corbett, Mike Nelson, Conor Lastowka, and Sean Thomason

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Poster art by <a target="_blank" href=" ">Veronica Fish</a> after Jim Steranko
Poster art by Veronica Fish after Jim Steranko

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Movie Decade

Movie Decade

Release date

November 6, 2023


17 minutes