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Social Acceptability

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What’s your Social Acceptability Type? Take the quiz!

Circle the letter that best describes you.

A. Happy following your own pursuits?

B. Lower class, but good with people?

C. Popular but lack a sense of security?

D. Seem to ”fit in” but somehow don’t?

E. Unusually popular, intelligent, a three letter athlete, come from a family with good income and high social prestige?

Look below to find out your Social Acceptability.

A. Voluntary Isolate (you’ve got this!)

B. Climber (way to go!)

C. Middle Case (uh oh!)

D. Fringe (you’ll show them!)

E. Handsome Leader!! (awesome!)

Now watch the short film and match your type with the correlating character! Jot down helpful tips and get ready for fun and loads of encouragement!

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Movie Decade

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