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RiffTrax Presents: Batman Forever

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Have you ever worried that your favorite super hero might be nothing more than a passing fad?  Well, Joel Schumacher is here to put your mind at ease with a film that he based on a slogan he once heard some kids shout after leaving Tim Burton's Batman film: Batman Forever*. A movie so terrible that we still don't understand why people were surprised at how bad Batman & Robin was.

Val Kilmer, fresh from his declining career, dons the pointy-eared rubber man suit. He's aided by Chris O'Donnell, fresh from his separate, but equally declining career, as Robin, the "not quite a boy, not quite a man" wonder. Nicole Kidman surprises everyone by proving she doesn't need Tom Cruise to make bad career choices and somehow actually having a career after this film. Tommy Lee Jones follows up his Oscar winning performance from The Fugitive as the scenery-chewing Two-Face, playing him as though he were a Dick Tracy villain. And finally, Jim Carrey appears as crossword puzzle writer Will Shortz, affectionately known around the office as "the Riddler".

RiffTrax Presents is proud to bring you this riff by the team from The GUY himself: Doug Walker, his brother Rob and perpetual hanger-on: Brian Heinz. Join them as they prove that Batman Forever isn't just a bad idea, it's also a bad movie.

*Batman Forever does not, in fact, last forever. Effects typically last anywhere from one and a half to two hours; if effects last longer, please consult a physician. Batman Forever has not been approved by the FDA, and should be used only as directed.

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Poster art by Jason Martian
Poster art by Jason Martian

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July 30, 2009
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