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The Vampire Bat - VOD Movie from Toast and Rice

This product is part of iRiffs - fan-made commentary tracks.

The Vampire Bat - VOD Movie from Toast and Rice

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A series of unexplained murders has a small German village gripped in terror.  

Two wounds on the victims' necks!

The bodies drained of blood!

A mysterious figure seen lurking on the rooftops at night!

Yes, the once-peaceful hamlet has found itself the victim of the dreaded, horrifying...

Dracula ripoff!

Or is it?

Yes, thanks to the tireless efforts of a detective determined to get the truth even if he has to...well, whine a lot about not believing in vampires, it soon becomes clear that in fact the townsfolk are actually the victims of...

A Frankenstein ripoff!

How's that for a twist?  Try pulling that one off, Shyamalan!

No, kidding.  Please, don't try pulling that one off.

This VOD movie is from Toast and Rice.  Follow on Twitter for updates.


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