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The Snow Man AND Santa in Animal Land, VOD Shorts from Toast and Rice

This product is part of iRiffs - fan-made commentary tracks.

Zombie the Snowman

Was a bitter, angry soul

With a fearsome growl

And horrific howl

And a vicious deadly goal


Zombie the Snowman

Was born of sleet and ice

He met with disgrace

With snowballs in the face

And was slapped around by mice


There must have been some magic in

His oddly rotund gut

Cause when they got him good and mad

He started kicking butt


Zombie the Snowman

Was destroyed by gamma rays

But who cares?

He'll give kids nightmares

For many Christmas Days


This short is bundled with the equally bizarre (but not quite as horrifying) Santa in Animal Land.  Two shorts for one!

 These are VOD shorts from Toast and Rice.

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