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How to Watch

How-to-watch: Digital Video

Our Digital Video and Digital HD Video products come as a fully-packaged movie combined with our funny commentary! We serve them to you as a merged stream, which you can watch via our built-in streaming player, as well as Cast to any Google Chromecast-enabled TV (see below for more instructions on that). 

We also provide multiple files, which you can download to watch later. The files are DRM-free, and will work with almost any device that can play mp4 files (which nowadays is pretty much all of them).

How to watch: Just the Jokes (MP3 Commentaries)

RiffTrax started back in 2006 with our first product: an MP3 commentary "riff" for the Patrick Swayze movie Road House.. We call these products our "Just the Jokes" commentaries!

The idea is simple: we sell you a riff, which is basically an audio MP3 file voice track of us making jokes as we watch the movie. By doing so, we can do literally any movie we want. Literally! Then, it's up to you to find a copy of the movie on disc or on any streaming service, and then and sync the two together.

Syncing a movie with our commentary is easy! In fact, we have a super-cool mobile app that can do it for you - like magic! The app is available on Google Play and the iTunes store, and more instructions are at the link above.

But if you still want to sync your jokes manually, here's a step-by-step guide:

  1. Purchase one of our Just the Jokes MP3 commentaries. Pick one that tickles your fancy - we have everything from Casablanca to Star Trek. Once the file is downloaded, put it on your iPod or any other device that can play MP3s.
  2. Play the MP3, and listen to our introduction. We'll provide instructions for when to pause the MP3, and then when to hit Play again.
  3. Play the movie.
  4. Watch for the moment in the opening credits to "unpause" the RiffTrax as we mentioned during step #2. Once you see it, press Play again on your riff MP3, and voila! Hilarious MST3K-style running commentary for blockbuster movies. 

It's that easy!

We've recently introduced a new version of our streaming video player (for Video products and even samples!) that integrates with the Google Chromecast. Click here to learn how easy it is!

All of our downloads are DRM-free, and yours to keep forever! Once you've created an account and made a RiffTrax purchase, you can login to your Library and download or stream your digital content as many times as you like, without limits or restrictions. Even if you lose your hard drive in a computer meltdown, your riffs are safe in your account's digital library.