Chromecast (Beta)

Stream our VODs right to your TV!

We've just launched a Beta version of Chromecast integration with our streaming video player!

Don't have a Chromecast?! They're a cheap ($35) dongle that plugs into your HDMI-capable TV, and it allows you to stream from several apps like Netflix, Hulu and YouTube without the hassle of buying a $100 set-top box. Get one here! (Note: Google Chrome browser is required. Mobile support through Chrome on Android - you must make the player full-screen on your device to access it. See this Facebook comment.)

Now you can stream all of our VOD content directly from our servers to your living room.


Here's how to Cast RiffTrax VODs to your Chromecast device:

1. Buy a Chromecast if you don't already have one and set it up. It should only take a few minutes.

2. Install the Chrome extension.

3. Click on the VOD you want to watch from your My Library page. You should see the player with the Cast icon (as shown below). If not, clear your browser's cache, and reload the page.

4. Click the Cast icon. Your browser's Cast extension will show a popup, similar to what you'd see when Tab Casting. This is normal, and is due to the fact that Google doesn't allow full integration into our player at this time. Don't worry! Only the video will cast, not your entire browser tab.


5. Click on your Chromecast device's name in the list, as usual. The video player should change to a "Casting" screen, and your Chromecast-connected TV should begin to load the stream.

NOTE: we will always serve you the "HD" or Highest-Quality stream available for this video, up to 720p. Due to resource and other restrictions, this is the only stream we can send; if you have trouble viewing it, please make sure you have sufficient bandwidth.


It was meant to be

Still not convinced? Well, take a look - the Model Number for the original Chromecast's power supply is MST3K-US. Who are we to argue witih Google?