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Friends giftcard

Give the gift of RiffTrax Friends to your friends!

Laughter awaits! These are digital Friends gift coupon codes that are emailed to your recipient. They an be applied as credit towards a new or existing Friends subscription made through the website.

After purchasing, a code will be generated and emailed to your recipient which can then be entered into the text field when your friend Signs Up for a subscription at

Purchasing in multiple quantities will result in the same code being usable multiple times! So if you'd prefer two months instead of one or six, simply buy two of the One Month giftcards instead.

If you'd like to gift a full year, select the "One Year of Friends" gift card instead of 12 "One Month" gift cards.

For any questions or trouble with redeeming the codes, please contact us.

Note: these subscription coupons ONLY work with Friends subscriptions made through, and cannot be applied to Roku, FireTV, or other in-app subscription purchases.

Please enter the email address of your recipient. If you enter no email address, the gift card will be redeemable by anyone with the code.
Enter your message to the recipient. Please note: emojis are not supported.
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