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Oct 14 11

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Also known as “Horror Hotel” in the USA, The City of the Dead features Christopher Lee and a cast of others!

In the New England region of England, a lovely student of history decides to spend her vacation investigating a little-known 2,500-square-foot town with a history of witchcraft and low-lying fog. Is there really a mysterious passageway under her hotel room, or was it filled in years ago with plot-filler? How did that hitchhiker vanish from her car, and why can’t she make that odor vanish the same way?

Famously pilfered for heavy metal satanic fodder by Iron Maiden, King Diamond and… Rob Zombie(?) this film is one of the handsomest productions to hit the American public domain. Ralph and Rick are joined by riffing-virgin Roxie as they lovingly resent this incredible oddity, meeting the challenge with bad British accents equal to or surpassing the bad American accents found herein. Video on Demand!

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