iRiffs are commentaries and video riffs created by RiffTrax fans from all over the globe.

iRiffers have the opportunity to create their own funny commentaries and sell them right here on

We've worked with some iRiff troupes on RiffTrax Presents titles, and even featured some of them on our site - including such notable iRiff groups as The Guy With The Glasses, Incognito Cinema Warriors XP, The Spoony Experiment, and Riff Raff Theater, to name a few.

Due to the recent site upgrade, the iRiffs section is temporarily unavailable, but will be coming back online within the next couple of weeks with even more great features and ways to discover the best fan-created commentaries from up-and-coming riffers.

We're thrilled to debut iRiffs 2.0. Check back soon, won't you?

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