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The 1970s were an exciting era in the world of educational shorts. The films shifted focus from “attempting to teach kids something practical” to “reminding them that life is a yawning, silent void with no purpose or warmth.” Yes, Friends puts the FUN back in ennui! It’s full of those treasured childhood memories we all share. Like when a girl finds a gigantic, broken TV antenna in a trashcan, and drags it behind her for the rest of the day. Or when an even weirder girl offers her money in exchange for friendship, which leads to crying, and eventually to that most iconic of games - the plum fight! Chucking ripe fruit at each other in an abandoned brick ruin, these girls learn the true meaning of friendship: no one is really on your side, and no one understands. Time for recess, kids!

Grab a juicebox (grape ‘n dust flavor) and join Mike, Kevin, and Bill in the chummy abyss of companionship called Friends!

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Release date

January 24, 2012


18 minutes

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