Where are my DVDs?

RiffTrax are (mostly) mp3 commentaries that you download and sync up to a DVD that you already own. That's why when we sell something like "Twilight" it's only $3.99; because we're not selling the actual movie, just the mp3 file.

However we do sell DVDs of our public domain titles, which you can see on our DVD page.

There's no video!

If you bought a non-Video download, the file you purchased is an mp3 file (contained in a ZIP archive). It is audio-only, and therefore contains no video.

What do I need to watch a riff?

If you're buying a commentary (audio mp3) track, you need that and the DVD. Make sure the DVD version is the right one! Normally we use the most widely available DVD version.

Note that if you live in the U.S. or Canada, you'll want to use the NTSC version of our commentary. Users outside these areas should use the PAL version.

If you are downloading a VOD file, that's all you need, since the files are the video merged with our commentary! No syncing required!

How do I watch the commentary?

However you want! The easiest way is to watch on your computer, using two media player applications. For example you could use Windows Media Player (or the equivalent on Mac) to watch the DVD, and in another player such as Winamp or iTunes, listen to the mp3! Or, if you want to watch from the comfort of your living room couch on a big TV, we recommend putting the mp3 on a device, such as an iPod. (A cheap pair of iPod speakers will let you watch it without headphones.)

Remember that each mp3 file contains audio sync instructions - so start playing that first! Mike will tell you when to "pause" the track, start the movie, and then unpause the track again. It's that easy!

I screwed something up!

Don't panic! We're here to help. Simply email us at support at rifftrax dot com with your order number and username, and we'll help you out. (Note that on holidays and weekends we may be slow to respond.)

If you have a technical question and need help right away, you can always consult users on our forum. Chances are there's someone there that can help.

Still need help?

If none of these answer your questions, you can consult our Frequently Asked Questions page. The FAQ also includes more technical information about how to burn our Download-to-Burn content, information about iRiffs, and more.

If that still doesn't help, email us at Be sure to include any information that will help us locate your account, such as order numbers and your username on the site.

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