Time Chasers goodies!

Thank you!

Hello Time Chasers! And thank you to coming to the show. We here at RiffTrax are a tiny operation, and we couldn't still be doing this awesome thing without all of your support. So from all of us, our sincerest thanks, and we hope you'll continue supporting us so we can keep making movies funny!

  • Mike, Kevin, Bill and the RiffTrax crew

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Autographed digital postcard!

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Here's the ENTIRE e-book version (68 MB PDF) of Mystery Science Storybook by RiffWiki.net editor David Chadwick made available to Time Chasers attendees for free!

BONUS! Night of the Living Storybook

A FULL download (70 MB PDF) of Night of the Living Storybook by David Chadwick!

See more from David Chadwick here!

TIME CHASERS Avatars by Len Peralta