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Incognito Cinema Warriors XP

Introducing Incognito Cinema Warriors XP, an all new riffing show that makes watching bad movies a breeze. Join Rikk Wolf, along with his robot pals Johnny Cylon and Topsy-Bot 5000, as they’re forced to sit through some of the worse cinematic disasterpieces ever filmed, all from the comfort of a movie theater surrounded by flesh eating zombies!

Luckily, for you, however, you get to watch as Rikk & the bots provide hilariously mean-spirited comments the entire time! If that’s not enough, they throw in a few colorful skits to lighten the burden of the flick.

Afterall, there are worse ways to spend the apocalypse... ya know... probably.

You can see some clips from ICWXP at their YouTube channel and MySpace page.

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