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MST3K: The Wild Rebels

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If your idea of a good biker movie is having as many musical numbers as it does bar fights, then look no further than Wild Rebels!

Wild Rebels follows Rod, a man with the charm and ability to perform basic human functions of the Birdemic lead of the same name. But don’t let that fool you: he’s cool enough to easily infiltrate the “Satan’s Angels” biker gang. He’s a “hep dude” without any of your Dad’s hangups; the kind of “cool cat” who wouldn’t see a red flag even if it had a swastika on it and was hanging on the wall behind him (an actual scene in the film with a surprising amount of kissing, I might add).

For some reason, Rod is recruited by the police to stop the Angels’ next big heist. Well, not so much recruited as “cornered by three police cars, shoved into the back of a cruiser and given no other choice.” Sure, the morals are questionable, but at least the jazz is smooth!

Will Rod be able to thwart their plan? Will the Angels finally get the big score? Will someone please ride a damn motorcycle already?

Join Joel, Servo and Crow as they’re born to be Wild Rebels!

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Release Date

February 4, 2019


90 minutes


In collection

Episode: 207